What is HHO?

July 10, 2008 under Hydrogen

The chemical name of HHO gas is oxyhydrogen. HHO gas is thought to increase the car efficiency in which it is formed by the process of water electrolysis. It does not mean that the car will run purely on HHO but rather it is the hybrid of HHO and petroleum based fuel which will provide sufficient energy for running the car. HHO is known to increase the efficiency of car by 30 to 60 percent.

Chemically HHO is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, in the atomic ratio of two is to one. As you can see this is in the same proportion as that of water. Combustion is a process by which a substance burns to produce heat energy and it is brought about when a substance is heated to its autoignition temperature. This temperature is defined to be the minimum temperature at which the substance will ignite spontaneously in a normal atmosphere without the help of an external source such as a spark or flame. For HHO, the autoignition temperature is 1065 F and the minimum energy required for its ignition with an external source is 20 Micro joules. Once ignited, HHO converts into water vapors and releases energy, which automatically sustains the reaction.

A common application of HHO is in torches for the processing of refractory materials. Many forms of HHO lamps are available such as limelights which are used in the heating of lime. HHO does have an explosive nature and hence limelight lamps have largely been replaced by electric lighting.

A recent application of HHO is in running the cars on water. Several manuals are available online which provide precise instructions on how you can make your own HHO kits so as to install them into your car or truck. In context of cars, HHO is also referred to as Brown gas.
Water is usually stored under the hood of the car and it is ignited by the spark from the battery of the car. This starts the electrolysis of water as a result of which it is converted into HHO or Brown gas. The engine vacuum sucks this gas into the intake manifold, once it has been introduced into the airflow. It is this Brown gas, which when mixed with gasoline provides a better gas mileage.

Making your own HHO kits is really simple and does not require any extensive knowledge of your car or the chemistry involved behind its production.

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