Hydrogen Car Kits

hydrogen generators Hydrogen Generator Kits 

Until hydrogen cars become mainstream, if you want to start saving on gas and want a quick and easy solution, then these Hydrogen Generator Kits are exactly what you need. HHO car kits come with all the parts you need to convert your car into an hho car hybrid.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells 

Whether you want to build your own HHO Fuel Cell or buy one pre-made, we have what you need - from fuel cell parts, to kits to construction plans!

Map/Maf Sensors 

If you are using a hydrogen generator on you car/truck you will need a Map/Maf sensor enhancer to lean the fuel mixture ratio to get the most fuel economy out of your vehicle. So don't forget to get one!

Biodiesel Kits 

If you're looking for a tried and true alternative fuel with a large support community, then you'll want to look into Biodiesel. You can run your diesel engine on waste vegetable oil!